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Garden Facelift

We all know, Gardens Add Value to a Home

Here are a couple of simple suggestions that will assist in a home's presentation and they will assist in garden maintenance for a tenancy.

Prune trees and shrubs away from the house, under prune to expose the soil and lay mulch to deter any weeds. Then a garden will frame a home in a light attractive manner. And the Landlord has less foliage in the gutters, less wall damage from climbers and less ingress of rodents.

Prune or simply delete shrubs that are growing down the service side way of a property. Put down a clean layer of mulch or some pretty river pebbles to control the weeds, the end result is a neat and clean look.  It’s less maintenance for the tenant, easier to keep tidy and in the long run it’s one less headache to manage.

OH & S.  A simple step for a safe environment.

High pressure wash the drive, garden paths and steps. This inexpensive procedure scrubs off the slippery green moss and makes the pavers or concrete look new.  

Edging and garden bed retaining walls need to be replaced every so often. Keeping the garden it it’s bed and the lawn in its place is worth doing.  There are some simple edges that offer effective definition, or brick pavers, red gum sleepers…. Whatever suite the home.

It’s easier to mow, easier to weed and looks great.  

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