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Top 10 Essential Tips for Selling your Home!

As a commitment to our owners Property Revive has compiled a comprehensive guide ‘Top 10 Tips” highlighting pre-sale work that adds value to a home.


1. First Impressions Count

  • Always have the front of your house looking fantastic

  • Lawns Mowed

  • Plants Pruned

  • Garden Mulched


2. De-Clutter

  • An oldie but a goodie, the buyer wants to see themselves in your home

  • Remove all non-essential items, only leave what's necessary

  • Highlight and Maximise the features of your home


3. Maintain

  • Finish your old projects and odd jobs

  • Clean gutters, patch and paint the walls

  • No Dripping Taps!


4. Clean

  • Having a fresh clean home is a must

  • Clear the cobwebs

  • Make the windows shine

  • Bring in professionals to clean the carpets and couches


5. Paint

  • A fresh lick of paint makes a world of difference

  • Touch up some cracks or redo the whole place

  • Remember that neutral colours appeal far more to buyers, don't paint that feature wall pink again!


6. Modernise

  • Consider updating simple things

  • New Taps, Door Knobs and Light Fittings can revitalise an older property


7. Light

  • When opening for an inspection you should also be opening the blinds

  • Turning on all the overhead lights

  • Switching on all your lamps


8. Ambience

  • Make people want to stay when they inspect

  • Fresh Flowers

  • A splash of colour and style

  • Some light music


9. Plan

  • The time of an inspection is essential for a good impression

  • If it's going to be 40 degrees have it at 11am and utilise your Air-Con, if it's -40 degrees make your home toasty warm instead


10. Seek out the Specialists!

  • Use the specialists to ensure the best result for your home

  • Property Revive has everyone you need to handle all aspects of your pre-sale process

  • Contact Property Revive and have a consultant assist you in maximising the potential of your home

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