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Property Revive Bed Styling ​

Felicity Maxwell and Kellie Daws share their top tips for styling a bed.

Renovating for Rental Increase, Tax Depreciation and Equity Uplift

Felicity Maxwell of Property Revive was recently interviewed by Mike Mortlock of MCG Quantity Surveyors where she spoke about renovating for rental increase, tax depreciation and equity uplift.

What’s Happening In The Bedrooms Of Melbourne?




Using colours and shades in each bedroom as a clever way to tell a story. The colour travels around the room from the pictures to the soft furnishings, to the side tables to create a subtle ambience.

Silver greys give off a chic smart vibe. While Blush sends a subtle sumptuous message. The latest black and gold combination oozes a rich pallet and blues offer cool luxury allure.




The sumptuous Lux look of a Hampton colour palette sings in some homes. While a sexy black and white theme works well with the modern warehouse look.


There are many seductive shades and colours that can be used. We love colour and varied textures to add character and emotion to the bedrooms. Our stylists have a passion for creating beautiful spaces.

Bedroom styling.png
Bedroom styling_2.png
Bedroom styling_3.png
Bedroom styling_4.png
bedroom styling_5.png
bedroom styling_6.png
bedroom styling_7.png
bdroom styling_8.png

We can’t speak for all bedrooms but at Property Revive we are ….



Here is a simplified guide to the most tenant friendly carpets. Ones that are durable and a sensible depreciable fixture for a rental.

aladdins carpet.png
tenant friendly carpets.png
tenant friendly carpets_2.png
tenant friendly carpets_3.png
tenant friendly carpets_4.png

Aladdin had a favourite carpet

His carpet had:




Berber Grid …

This is a poly nylon loop pile carpet that is very hardy, easily cleaned and at the lowest end of budget priced carpets. Berber = Budget.







Plush …

The name says it all. Plush Carpet in a synthetic yarn feels like velvet, it’s soft under foot, comes in a fantastic range of colours and is well priced for any rental.



Twist …

What is a Twist you ask? Yes it is a dance but also a carpet. A Twist Pile Carpet has visible texture from the twisted yard that gives an attractive two tone colour and depth. This combines to give a luxurious finish.



Loop Pile …

The Loop Pile carpet is very much on trend. The loops can be small and tight or almost the size of pebbles with a beautiful texture and luxury sheen. These carpets have style and attitude and are fun to work with.





All these different weaves come in synthetic, synthetic/wool blends and pure wool, which carpet will you choose….

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