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Prepare your property for sale to maximise your sale price.

“Well presented properties get the best price” is no cliché. So it makes sense to invest in its presentation, knowing you will be adding significantly to the sale price. Our services include full or partial property makeovers, all forms of flooring and sanding, painting inside and out, minor to major kitchen or bathroom upgrades, blinds, lawn and garden work and furniture hire/styling to complete the picture.


A Property Revive Pre-Sale consultation includes:

  • In home consultation

  • Full review of each space

  • Full report detailing a list of recommendations to maximise its potential complete with timetables and budgets.


Other than price, the main variable that Vendors can control is the condition and presentation of their home. You can actively encourage a Buyer to choose your home, first, over other homes by improving the visual perception of your property. First impressions are lasting impressions.

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